Refinance and get Cash out with your Commercial mortgage loan. Save money in your multi family apartment complex, six flat commercial buildings, restaurant buildings, daycare business building, retail strip malls & office buildings, your business location, warehouse, auto repair centers and many other opportunities. Use us to refinance and unlock your equity for cash then go and purchase something new. You can refinance for a longer term and we have resources for cash out programs too help grow your business. New Commercial Mortgage Loans and Cash Out Refinance amounts from $250,000 - $5,000,000 and up to 30 year amortization on a refinance cash out commercial loan.

​Up to 80% LTV on all properties and this includes cash-out refinance transactions. The Borrower does not need to document income, no tax returns for investor and owner occupied. Recently stabilized property - we only need 75% economic occupancy for the preceding 90 days at a 1.15 DSCR. No seasoning on the title and the ability to use appraised value vs cost basis. What have you done? raised rents, improved the building interiors, done some new capital investment into the apartment complex, Lets get a new appraisal and get your cash out today. Refinance and get cash out of your commercial building or apartment building. 
We work with Out of State Investors.

Business owners and Investors refinance your current commercial loan for a new 30 year amort with cash out.  Unlock your equity in your business building or your apartment building and use your new cash for new investments or build your business or just use your cash out for anything you need. We can lock your loan for a fixed rate at 30 years for a commercial refinance cash out.

We are commercial mortgage lending professionals and earn our brokerage fees, origination fees / YSP on the total loan amount borrowed. The lender may also have additional charges such as underwriting fees and doc fees. All Rates and Programs are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Talk to your tax person to confirm your circumstances, as tax laws change.


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The Small-Balance Refinance Cash out Mortgage Program

What should you do? Refinance vs. Cash Out Commercial Refinance, leverage extra cash on business property that has appreciated in market value. Taking advantage of the low interest rate market and unlock tied up cash from equity. Up to 30 year amortization and new locked rates. It's your equity, cash from rent you paid to yourself and the buildings appreciation in market value (depreciating on your books). New loan, New Rate and New terms can lower your monthly payments and if you want; you can tap the cash equity in your building that your business occupies.

The best kept secret, this money counts as refinance proceeds and not as business income, which means it is not taxed as income (this is not tax advice, do your research). You can use your new cash for working capital to expand your business, increase your inventory & buy more investment properties or buy yourself a well deserved family boat (I mean the company boat). 

Are you an Investor in apartment buildings?  Lets get out the locked up equity in your apartment buildings (BRRR method). Its' your cash to leverage and buy another investment property (increase your door count). 

Lets have a 15 minute call​​ to discuss your refinancing needs on your project.