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Ask yourself these questions:
What client of yours needs a new commercial real estate loan?
What client of yours should refinance their commercial real estate and take cash out for other needs?
What buyer do you need to get pre-qualified to secure the deal? 

Here is what we do for you: Commercial mortgage loans for multi family apartment complex, six flat commercial buildings, restaurant buildings, daycare business building, retail strip malls & office buildings, your business location, warehouse, auto repair centers and many other opportunities. We can finance a purchase, refinance at better rates or terms and we have resources for cash out programs too help people grow their business. New Commercial Mortgage Loan amounts from $250,000 - $5,000,000 and up to 30 year amortization on a commercial loan. We want to help you get more deals done in your pipeline. 

​Up to 80% LTV on all properties and this includes cash-out refinance transactions. The Borrower does not need to document income on tax returns for investor and owner occupied. Recently stabilized property - we only need 75% economic occupancy for the preceding 90 days at a 1.15 DSCR. No seasoning on the title and the ability to use appraised value vs cost basis.  And Yes, We work with Out of State Investors.

We want to partner with you and work together in our network of resources. We are commercial mortgage lending professionals. Make it easier on you and your client to get answers from somebody you can trust.  Let's start building that relationship.  Set up a quick call with me today.​